Shave Kit - Standard

Shave Kit - Standard


Another perfect addition for the environmentally conscious consumer. 


This beautiful kit contains a refillable, high quality, double-walled, stainless steel shave bowl that will last years and is filled with a generous 4 oz handcrafted shave soap that lathers without drying the skin. As with all Gnomad Soaps, this shave soap is free of all synthetic colors, fragrances, and preservatives and has a subtle, elegant, woodsy essential oil combination any man and woman will love.


100% badger hair brush that is built to last, with a gentle exfoliation removing dead skin and dirt while helping to reduce blemishes. When paired with a high quality razor, this kit delivers a closer shave with less skipping and dragging, perfect for sensitive and ingrown hair-prone skin. 


Soap ingredients: Saponified oils of castor*, cocoa butter*, hemp seed, olive *, shea*, and rice bran*.  Bentonite clay, oatmeal*, goat milk*, and honey*. 

Essential oils of cedarwood*, pine*, & vetiver.