Face Bar: Gentle Rose Clay, Honey & Neem Oil

Face Bar: Gentle Rose Clay, Honey & Neem Oil

SKU: 0003

Great for all skin types, this formula has carefully selected ingredients for hydration including goats milk and coconut yogurt, nurishing neem and shea to help with any dry patches, honey for healing, and sea salt and clay to soften.  This bar will last upwards of four months with single daily use.   


Ingredients: Saponified oils of Olive*, Castor*, Shea Butter*, Seasame Seed*, Coconut*, and Neem.  Goat's Milk*, Coconut Yogurt*.  Rose clay, Honey*, Himalayan sea salt, and essential oils of lemon & rose.

  • Color Variation

    This is a small-batch, hand-made item, therefore the bar your receive might differ slightly than the one pictured.  I do my best to replicate the picture, but the natural colorant can vary slightly from batch to batch. 

  • Care Instructions

    For a long-lasting bar, it is important to store these bars in a well-drained soap dish, out of standing water and in a dry location between uses.