Face Bar: Gentle Rose Clay - 10 Bars

Face Bar: Gentle Rose Clay - 10 Bars


Great for all skin types, this formula has carefully selected butters for hydration, nourishing neem & prim rose oil to help with any dry patches, honey for healing, and sea salt and clay to soften.  This bar will last upwards of six months with single daily use.   


Ingredients: Saponified oils of Olive*, Avocado Butter*, Sesame Seed*, Castor*, Olive Butter, Prim Rose, and Neem. Rose clay, and essential oils of carrot seed.

  • Wholesale order processing time

    Wholesale orders are in quantities of 10.  Due to the nature of handmade soaps and the curing time, please keep in mind there may be up to a 4-8 week processing time.  That being said, these soaps may already be curing and could be ready to go at time of order.  Please contact me if you would like to know what is currently curing.