Adric's Memorial Bar

Adric's Memorial Bar


May 2nd is Bereaved Mother's Day.  This bar is dedicated to my late son Adric who would have been 2 years old on May 8th.  He was with us 9 beautifully heart-wrenching weeks before he succumbed to the brain injury he suffered during labor.  


It was difficult to keep Adric comfortable, but the bath was a place we knew he was at ease. The two of us would climb into our tiny tub and watch him relax as his papa would bounce him slowly and methodically up and down in the water, becoming utterly blissed out.  Creating a soap dedicated to Adric every year seemed like the perfect way to memorialize him.   Last year I made a different lily of the valley (the May birth flower) soap and gave them away to the people who supported us through our tragedy.  This year in Adric's honor, I have decided to make a special bar, and donate 100% of the proceeds to the TEARS Foundation.  If you would like, there is an option to purchase/donate more in Adric's Honor to the foundation by choosing a different price from the drop-down menu.  


This bar was an extremely long and tedious process.  The "Mosaic Tile" idea is one that I have had for some time, but knew it would be quite labor intensive.  When thinking of Adric's bar this year, I knew this would be the perfect opportunity.  Over the solid 8 days it took me to make this, I thought of Adric's beautiful blue eyes, his adorable dimple chin, and all of the truly precious moments we shared.  I spoke to him, as I do daily, and told him all about what I was doing.  If you are interested, I have a "Making of" video I will be posting shortly on my Instagram: @gnomadsoap and perhaps under this listing (if I am able).  


"Adric's Bar" is scented with essential oils of Rose and Cedarwood - what I always thought he smelled like.  I hope you enjoy this bar as much as I enjoyed creating it.